Janneth Arkvin

Lawyer, Business Partner, Busybody


Half Elf
36 years old
5’8" 130lbs
Slim and regal

dark skin
fine black hair
carefully maintained appearance, well groomed


Janneth Arkvin is a half elf noble and a lawyer of Evercrest. She met the nameless tiefling who would become Ardellia Von Kaulbraigt in a library, and was struck by the passion and dedication of the girl. She used her status and connections to get Ardellia access to more and better materials, assisted her with legal matters, and represented her in court during the historical case.

She has since worked alongside Ardellia, providing all the work of logistics, business, negotiations and management in order to allow the mechanic to focus on the technical aspects of their guild business.

Janneth spends a lot of time doting after Ardellia, who finds it to be rather fussy. She believes that Ardellia works best when supported and given structure, but she’s begun to worry if her help is overbearing or stifling. Ardellia disappearing in the dead of night has all but confirmed these suspicions, leaving her concerned and managing the business on her own.

Janneth Arkvin

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