Malsampt the Blue

dragonborn, blue, morally confused, rightful ruler of kaldaria


Blue Dragonborn Tome Warlock of the Fiend
14 Years Old (17-18 relative to a human)
6’4" 255 Pounds
Large frame with broad shoulders, muscles not particularly prominent
Skin is scaled, though shockingly soft (snakelike)

Large spines of bone are present on the back of the head and neck, they regrow quickly when removed.
Teeth are perfect, brilliantly white
Eyes are a deep gold, with reptilian pupils
Demonic ritual tattoos cover her back, glowing when she casts spells.


Malsampt the Blue of house Kaldar was groomed from birth to be a demon worshipping monster who would rule with an iron fist over the land of Kaldaria. The only child of empress Kranta the Enlightened of house Kaldar, she was sired and raised by Warmaster Grupt of house Ironfang, and was heavily involved with the high church of Graz’zt. Of course then a peasant revolution funded by the rival nation Janathor to the south left everyone in both her family and the church dead.

Malsampt was imprisoned, and scheduled to be executed by the guillotine, but she made a deal with Graz’zt. She sold her soul to gain immense demonic powers, and used them to escape prison and later the country. She then spent the next two years, leading up to the present, attempting to maintain a facade of nobility in far flung lands where news of the revolt had not spread. During this time her study continued, though this time under the demons of Graz’zt rather than the priests who worshipped him. Emotionally scarred by the uprising, she is incredibly insecure about her future and is stuck in a spoiled, teenage mentality.

While many would be quick to associate her with her cruel family and duplicitous demonic tutors, beneath all the indoctrination she is a genuinely kind and good person. Maybe someday she will be a happy person, integrated in non evil society, but she has a lot of progress to make until then.

Malsampt the Blue

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