Ardellia von Kaulbraight

Adventure Capitalist; Eccentric Inventor


Tiefling (Feral, Abyssal)
28 years old
5’6" 180+ lbs
Short and thick
Strong and Soft
defined by boxy shapes with rounded lines and edges; heavy for her size.

Coarse, thick green hair.
Sharp, unevenly jagged teeth.
Thick eyebrows uneven and singed.
Yellow eyes
5"~ Horns; curving up behind and above her temple. Thick, slow taper, blunted tips.
Bright red skin, speckled and streaked with darker shades. Skin in some places is tough, thick. Elsewhere fairly ‘human’. A plethora of scars of varying origin.
Malformed wings.
Long, thick tail. blunt end.
Female (Intersex)


Growing up on the streets of the bustling industrial city of Evercrest, Ardellia spent much of her youth as a nameless, penniless wretch at the bottom of the pile. Earning her bread as an errand girl only lasted until they found out she was small and quick enough to fit into the works of the great machines. Over time, her sharp mind and sense of longing for more helped her learn the mechanisms inside and out, able to weave through the gears and do repairs, maintenance, and soon even optimizations of her own to the factor machines she worked on.

Isolated from others and with no family or relatives for support, Ardellia grew up with little to no sense of her past, her people, or really much else. Others regularly made note of, discriminated against, and leveraged her demonic attributes without her ever understanding what that meant. With no one to guide her, she had to develop her own understanding of her uncommon race, body, and sex, and to this day is still filling in gaps and answering questions.

By the time she was a teenager, Ardellia had become a key asset as a mechanic in some of the largest plants in Evercrest, but still survived on a pittance of pay, with no credit to her name. She had been on the front of the development and use of newer and better grades of fuel, arcane coal that burned hotter, longer, cleaner. Another revolutionary technology with poor visibility, the widespread use, abuse, and unknown nature of all the machines she had fixed, improved, or built from scratch frustrated her to no end. She didn’t know who she was, and no one else did either.

She saved and scrimped coin and used it to access libraries, offices, learning law, language, formalities. Looking up at society beyond the gutter she grew up in and wanting to grasp it herself. During this process, she met a half elf named Janneth Arkvin, who took an interest in the dedication and drive of the young mechanic. While Ardellia continued educating herself, Janneth helped her gain access to more. Using her status and connections that an street rat with no citizenship couldn’t manage.

Eventually, the two cooperated on a massive legal battle, concerning the patents and use of her work, the abuse of her labour and that of others on the street, and more. The case became well known in the town, and decades of unrest made her the underdog champion for a rising movement. Becoming something of an symbol, the prodigy inventor from the streets, and the charismatic lawyer fighting for her, she won a landmark victory- with tremendously symbolic rewards; Extravagant damages of backpay, patents, stock in the factory, and above all else; a name.

Needing a name to be written on all the devices she had a hand in, she took what little she learned of her possible origins, the help of her friend, and her own whims, on that day she became Ardellia Von Kaulbraigt, roughly; Rising Up from Bright Coal.

She took the pay, the patents, and the stock and invested it all in her own workshop, Janneth working the business end, and Ardellia the machines, and her efforts finally recognized, it became the largest guild in the major port city; and every engine, golem, and refined fuel moving in or out of the city had her name stamped on it.

A decade later, the rush of the city’s revolution seemed to slow for her. Her work was all foreseen, predicted. She maintained the machines she made day in day out, always the same, so little time for her own projects. And when she found the time, she lacked the inspiration. The drive. For the first time in her life, Ardellia wasn’t pushing upward. The very morning she finally realized this. She stepped on a train, and for the first time in her entire life, the tiefling prodigy from the streets left Evercrest, looking for a new way to rise on the path of adventuring.

Ardellia von Kaulbraight

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